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The Best Toner?

Best facial toner : ice cold water

I was in France for 2 weeks but I forgot to bring my usual BHA toner! Over there temperature was around 15 – 20 deg C. It doesn’t sound like really low temp, does it? Well, when it comes to tap water it does feel THAT cold. It immediately closes your pores which is unlike warm water that would open them up, and invite mysterious things inside. Yukes. My skin felt much much more refreshed than using my own toner.

Oh… One or two bumps were forcing their way out, but I kept them at bay by applying St Ives mask overnight. Just left it on the suspicious spots, it worked wonder. Guess what, I also forgot to bring along my Origins pimple gel!

Cleansing, double cleansing, triple cleansing

I don’t believe in spending so much money on cleanser. You don’t need expensive brands just to remove makeup or oil on your face. Well, unless you have extra bucks to spare then who am I to judge. 😉

In any case, I have sworn by these 3 products, for at least a year, and I’m loving them.


Smooth E extra sensitive cleansing gel. This brand is famous for the lack of foam but who cares! I’ve read somewhere that it’s this foam that would dry your skin. The texture is very clear, there is also no scent detected. And you don’t need much of this just to cleanse your tiny little face. Some peole (eg. my hubby) might not like it, claiming that no foam = no washed face feeling. But it works well for me. Just that it might take some time to get used to it.


Best in class. Muji cleansing oil for sensitive skin. It is very much similar to Shu Uemura at a fraction of price. Oil to milk formula, easy to wash off, definitely will not dry your skin.


When I’m too lazy *not a good sign* I’ll go with this cleansing lotion. Just that sometimes I would imagine using too much cotton pads on your skin might not be too good. But this is my saviour when I was not able to wash my face eg. I had a lasik 2 years ago, and this simply was the best option to cleansing my face without splashing water at my face.

In a side note, here is my pimple, or the lack of it.


There is still a small patch of redness but the bump is already cleared. 🙂